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It Took 2 minutes...


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It only took a couple of minutes to send an e-mail to the medical reporter for the newspaper and ask her to do an article on lung cancer for Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Now last year I meant to do this and just never did. If everybody would take a second to look up your medical reporter and shoot off an e-mail we might get a little publicity.


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This is what I sent. You guys can use it too if it will help.


My name is.... (Insert your name)

I am a member of Lung Cancer Support Community.

I am writing to you because November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and I really need your help.

My story began when...... (Insert your profile here)

We had little hope or emotional support when we started on this journey. We searched for some, but there seemed to be none. We found LCSC online and today we have almost 1,600 active members nationwide and over 3 million visitors a month on our website. (lchelp.com) Offering support and informaiton as well as research and advocacy initiatives. We have also an oncologist on board and medical professionals as well, all on a voluntary basis!

Unlike breast cancers and other diseases, lung cancer gets little recognition and is considered the invisible disease. (Our designated ribbon is clear.) No one really wants to talk about it and the stigma attached to lung cancer and smoking is very prevelant. What people don't realize is that over HALF of folks diagnosed with lung cancer are non smokers and never smokers! The stigma that those that are diagnosed with lung cancer "asked for" or deserve the disease is just absurd.

Lung Cancer kills more each year than breast, colon and pancreatic cancers COMBINED! There is little to no funding for LC research and there is no early detection testing. Combine that fact with the fact that there are really no symptoms of the disease is why 85% of those dx. with LC are dx. in the latest stages and die within a few months of learning they have the disease.

We need more folks in your position to help the public become aware that everyone is at risk for lung cancer. The simple act of getting a chest x-ray every year with your yearly physicals can save your life. By catching the disease in it's earliest stages, you have a greater chance at survival.

Please consider doing a story on lung cancer. You could help us save a life.

Thanks for your time and again I hope your paper can do a piece on lung cancer for Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Many Blessings,



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I started at the end of October requesting to see some stories on lung cancer from our local abc station. They probably had 2-3 stories every week on breast cancer in October. I have sent 2 follow up e-mails since and still no response.



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