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Two Guys In The Park


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Two guys were sitting in the park one day. One looks over at the other and says “sure is a pretty day.” “Pretty for you but miserable for me,” the second one says. “Why are you so down and out” the first one asks. “My wife and I just had a fight,” he replied. “Gee, what happened” the first one ask.

“Well it all started when I wanted to buy a set of tires.” “You mean you are fighting because you wanted to buy a set of tires and she didn’t want you too?”

The second man looked at the first and said, “well no, you see I wanted to buy a set of tires and she told me I didn’t own a car and therefore didn’t have any thing to put them on.” We exchanged words a few minutes and I looked at her and said “well you buy bras don’t you. You don’t have anything to put in them either." :lol::lol::lol:

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