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Will try to make this brief:

Had the mammo yesterday, and the radiologist then informed me that I didn't need an ultrasound. EXCUSE ME???? I think she thought I would nicely say thank you and leave, but 10 minutes later I was still asking her questions, and left with her business card in case my surgeon wanted to call her. The radiologist was very nice, and I did understand what she was telling me, but I also made her aware that I had been around the block more then twice.

Went for my facial this AM and they informed me they didn't open until noon,. and I wasn't on the list anyway. :roll::roll: I asked them if they knew where I was supposed to be ((((sigh))))

I did find a place that could take me, and LET ME TELL YOU the facial was the BEST idea yet for pre-doctor visit. By the time she was done, I could not form a complete sentence, much less worry about the afternoon.

To the surgeon with my sister, and she (the surgeon) who has been my doctor since before the first cancer in 93, didn't see anything on the CAT or the mammo either. :lol::lol: I had already gotten the feeling that the radiologist who read the CAT scan was a little over exhuberant, and my surgeon agreed. She said she would take my scans to the hospital monday and sit down with the one who read them, and then call me.

I am not angry with any doctor--better to be over cautious then under cautious. After the initial CAT reading, 3 separate doctors have told me that things look fine, so I am going ahead with holiday plans and keeping my hair appointment. :wink:

thanks,thanks,thanks to all


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By the time she was done, I could not form a complete sentence, much less worry about the afternoon.

I'm sold. I am going to get a facial! Wish I would have seen this when our son left for Arizona! LOL!

Gail, Don't forget to buy the BIG jar of Mayonnaise!!

Congratulations on the good news!!




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