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bragging on Katie


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I picked up Katie from day care today, and the workers there were just stunned at her memory. It seems the zoo man came back today - he had been there the week before Father's Day, and he asked the kids if they remembered the animals brought last time. And Katie popped up and said, you brought a skink - that's a little lizard - named Sausage. He has a blue tongue. And a baby kangaroo named Joey and a baby lion cub named Leo and a crow and a snake named Diamond. (and the guy just about fell over.)

They have been doing phonics in preschool, and so on the way home we were telling each other words that start with D. She said, Daddy. I said doughnut, she said dog, I said dandelion. And then she said dromedary, which made me laugh. "What's so funny?" she asked. "Dromedary starts with D; that's a camel with one hump. Duh."

That's my girl.


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I'm sure having yourself and Becky as parents, Katie will be an intelligent little girl. Beauty AND brains... good combo...

I'm glad you posted this tonight...my son cracked me up today and I wanted to tell someone. He came home from Kindergarten and told me that he is a vegetarian. I was like, oh, okay. I asked him what if he wanted to eat a hamburger or chicken strips and he looked at me as if I were an idiot and said, "Well, then I won't be a vegetarian." He actually picked all the pepperoni off his pizza at dinner. His class must have had something on eating healthy because he has brought me everything he has eaten tonight to ask me if there was sugar in it because he couldn't eat sugar anymore. I resisted the urge to ask....

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