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Whining again......


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Just got back from a follow-up with my breast surgeon--we are on the every 6 month plan, and he just told me that he is moving to Utah! I am so upset - he is such a good guy and if there was a guardian angel sitting on my shoulder with this lung thing, it was him by having me get that chest x-ray before I had any symptoms that made me go to the doctor.

Now, I was a very early stage breast cancer case, with a high potential of being cured with the surgery and radiation that I had, but with all the upheaval my life has had over the past few years with health issues, this is something I just didn't need right now.

I'm still thinking it over, but I think I'll probably just get established with the breast clinic at the University where I get my lung follow-ups with that surgeon. I'm due for a mammo and another check in May, so that's a chest surgeon month too, and I can just spend the day there I guess.

Like Roseanne Roseannadanna said, "It's always something!"

P.S.--Good news is--exam went fine--no problems.


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Cindy: I know how you feel. My family doc talked me into (her exact words were, "Don, I am begging you" ) doing something about the suspicious mass in my left lung. I did, although I was skeptical and somewhat in denial during the whole process. I am glad I listened to her and I would miss her if she went away. An earlier abdominal scan had shown what could could be a loop of intestine, an image artifact, or a pulmonary nodule at the bottom of my left lung. I did a full chest scan at her urging a few months later and the mass was found in my upper left lobe. From that point on it was a surreal experience for me.

I hope you find another good doc.

Don M

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Hi Cindy,

I can empathize with you completely about losing your surgeon.

It might be helpful for you and it would be a delight for him, I am sure, if you could find a special inobtrusive way to say "good-bye and farewell".

A gesture on your part would help you with your grief and add good memories to the ones that you already have for him..

Best of luck.

And it is not "whining"!

Cindi o'h

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You're right--I do intend to at least send him a thank you note for the great compassion and care he gave me during our relationship. This is the guy who sat with me for about 45 minutes on the day we met for my surgical consult to plan a biopsy while I sobbed uncontrollably and he had a whole office full of other patients to see. I should have told him today when I saw him, but I was so flabbergasted and on the verge of tears, I just couldn't do it.

Boy, as time goes on, I have a harder and harder time dealing with change I guess. Our medical community here in my town will be less because of his leaving, I'm sure of that.


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Maybe your surgeon can recommend someone to follow up with in his absence. My first surgeon ( 4 years ago) was just wonderful, hopeful, and very helpful. When I went back for my 3 month check up with him I learned he had moved to another practice and another hospital. Talk about feeling abandoned!! But the surgeon I got in his place (this second go-around) is even better! I sometimes think things work out for the best. I am so glad everything turned out good. Just keep the good things going!!

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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