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Don't like joining Grieving and Obituaries


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Having a separate Obituary Forum was a good way to find and address those of us or our families have passed away. This should help us from answering posts or sending PM's that are not appropriate at this time.

Having them mixed with Grieving makes it more difficult to find them.

Just a suggestion. Would like other comments, it is a site for us all.

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That sounds reasonable. Seems to me an obituary is just putting forth information, not necessarily asking for support, but surely not shutting it off. On the other hand, grieving posts may be hard for some to read at any given point....


Is it possible to un-join them again? If there are no objections? Democracy and all that rot, ya know...


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The initial reason for re-uniting these two forums was due to the fact that there is rarely any posts in OBITUARIES (which is a good thing, I know) but also because many many people would post about a loved ones loss in the General Forum because of the traffic there, or in Grieving and I think we even had a few in the NCSLC and SCLC forums.

It's asthetically better for the maintenace of the website to condense forums that get little to no traffic or have a common relavence. The site policies and LCSC calendar forums were also condensed today and we are watching "New treatments" and "LC in the News" to see if it would be best to reunite them again sometime in the future. As of right now, they are extentions of the same types of postings.

There was alot of controversy in creating the OBITUARY Forum to begin with and democratically speaking :wink: we gave it a try for a few months to see if having a separate Obituary forum made a difference in where people posted.

This is what we will do again- watch and wait and take in suggestions and change and update...all in the name of creating a better venue for online support.

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OK..calling any volunteers to moderate an OBITUARY forum. (Remember it did not have a moderator and no one wanted to touch it) and this way we can move posts into this forum when they are mistakingly made in other forums.

We're all for taking the time to change everything back if we get the majority requesting this...and as soon as we get a volunteer to manage this forum.

Everyone who cares too....put in your two cents!!!!!!...democracy and all that. :D ..but we still need a volunteer moderator.

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If Obituaries is a separate forum again, we will need the moderator to locate and move posts from other forums that should be in this forum. This will be a big help and make it 1000% better than before.

Thanks Curtis.

Because decisions have been based on the PMs I have received, and it can be perceived by some that these changes were based on one or two people when there were so many request over the last few months regarding changes on this and other forums.....

So that whether this forum stays combined or slits once again, it can be clear to everyone that we did consider all your suggestions.

E-mail, PM or repspond here with your preference of you have one to express.

thanks everyone!

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Katie and Rick,

I was very happy when you created a separate Obituary forum, for the very reasons that Ginny and Snowflake have already expressed. I did not know that it had been a controversial decision.

That was a while back, and my thoughts stemmed from A) the fact that it seemed to be the obvious/logical thing to do and B) a personal concern for being able to efficiently find out (and respond to and/or their families) about other members on the board who had died or lost a loved one.

When Geoff's mom died last month, the separate format was both comforting and comfortable for us--once Geoff was ready to post about his mom. The joined would have presented certain emotional hurdles.

The separate Obituary forum is one of the things on the board that I really do think has been profoundly beneficial for those who have needed/used it. (In my mind, it is partially a good thing that the site doesn't get much traffic, for obvious reasons. It is understandable that people post about their recent loss under other forums, given their emotional state at the time of posting. They also frequently introduce themselves in forums other than the “Welcome new members” forum, yet that separate forum also clearly serves a purpose.)

I understand if, for the reasons you have put forth, Katie, there cannot be a separate Obituary forum. However, it would make me extremely sad to see it go.

Thank you, Curtis, for offering to moderate both.

I am posting this, Katie, because you made it clear that you wanted members to know that you had heard from more than a few people on this matter and that you DO listen to everyone’s input.

Regardless of what is decided, thanks to Katie, Rick, sponsors, and all the moderators. Your work means so much to all of us.



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there have been some decisions made via e-mails and PMs and I guess I forgot to update this topic too!! Sorry.

The forums will be separated once again. We have two volunteers who have agreed to moderate and manage this forum now. Curtis and Ginny.

The forum has now been separated once again and I have gone back into "GRIEVING" to the beginning of time and moved over all posts that sound like annoucements or Obituaries/tributes. This took me about three hours.

(Geeze...look at what trouble we have to go to --to get Volunteers!!! he..he..)

Now everything is back to nomal and BETTER than before!

Just kidding. Thank you Ginny and Curtis for taking on a forum that no one wanted to manage.

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