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My husband can start the other job whenever he wants. He is a little worried about it since it is strictly commission and no benefits, but we do have our COBRA, which by the grace of God our HMO does cover the KU Med Center and its Drs. He would be an emoployment recruiter. Anyone need a job?

I am not certain what he will decide.

I am headed off to the Laurel and Hardy of medical "care."

I planned to take my articles, but God has other plans as my printer is out of ink.

I don't know when I will be able to report back, but I will take someone's phone number just in case. Blood work this morning and then appt with Skinny at 11:40.

I am feeling a bit shaky since I am used to eating constantly. lol. Add to that my nerves and .....

Thanks for all the best wishes and prayers.


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Wow, you could end up married to a head hunter! You're going to have to learn all those wacky dance steps and see the witch doctor....oh yeah, you already DO have a witch for a doctor! :wink:

COBRA may "work" until something else comes along - maybe with enough commissions your husband can get private insurance. I THINK there may be a clause for those with pre-existing conditions that covers IF the patient has been covered continuously with health insurance... BUT, just because I think something doesn't make it reality...

I wish you good news...very good news...



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You will be in my thoughts and prayers today and I hope everything goes wonderful for you, you deserve it. I am pretty sure snowflake was correct about the clause for pre-existing conditions as I looked into all that a while back for my mom when she was trying to decide between cobra and private insurance.

Keep us posted as soon as you can

God bless


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Elaine -- you're a stitch! Not to be confused with Elaine Stritch who is an actress, but I digress.

Here is a handly little link for you to read about COBRA --- there are limits on how long you can keep it, so you may want to start looking around for a replacement policy if you're near the end of the continuation period.


So, to Elaine Stritch, break a leg.

To you, don't break anything, unless it's the record for the best patient they've seen there all year.


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I too am on straight commission. I did well this year because of the work I had put in before I got sick, but next year may be the pits. At any rate, I was unable to qualify for COBRA because I am self employed but I did qualify for a state sponsored insurance program. I was accepted because I had been on a group policy for the 18 months prior to sending in my policy request. No health questions were asked. That was 3 years ago and I feel sure the law hasn't changed since then.

I hope you get great results on your tests and that you move on to "not so funny" doctors soon. Keeping you in my prayers.


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