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Don Wood

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Lucie was recently assigned a new carereceiver from the one-on-one cancer support program she is in. It was a guy with lung cancer, recently diagnosed. She talked with him on the phone about a week ago, and to his wife last night. We were going to arrange to meet them and support them couple-to-couple, since I also am a volunteer for the same organization. Well, today Lucie and I go for her chemo treatment. The nurse puts us in a room with a guy also getting chemo. We trade pleasantries. Then the guy hears the nurse call Lucie "Mrs. Wood". He says to Lucie, "Did she call you Mrs. Wood? Are you Lucie Wood?" "Why, yes!" says Lucie. "Well," he says, "I'm your carereceiver!" While he and Lucie got their chemo, the four of us (the guy, his wife, Lucie and I) have an hour visit. Turns out he has the same med. onc. as Lucie. Well, what do you think? Coincidence? Don

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I think it's a warm coincidence - and now Lucie has someone to talk to THROUGH chemo while it's happening, even.

I once heard there are no such thing as coincidences, makes one wonder how things can come full circle. When I first moved back home from Alaska and began divorce proceedings, I worked for a doctor...he lined me up with a physician who wasn't taking patients as a "professional courtesy"...amazing thing is, four years later the physician he sent me to discovered my cancer - early. I had a difference with the doctor I worked for involving what I felt was a lack of ethics on his part and no longer work with him, but I will never forget how he hooked me up with a doctor that saved me a lot of misery...

How wonderful for Lucie, though....a happy happenin'!

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It is a Blessing. Our God is a good God and hears all of our prayers. As everyone said, this was His Will to be done and happen, not ours. You and Lucie are such an inspiration to all of us, God has Blessed all of us to know you too. For that and much more, I say, thank you Jesus. I give Him all the Glory for everything...

God Bless and prayers,


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Well, the coincidence continues. Lucie went for her PET scan this morning. About an hour after she went back and I was sitting in the weaiting area, the couple comes in and he is having a PET scan! Well, then he goes back and his wife and I have a very good visit in the waiting area for about an hour. I think this couple to couple idea is definitely going to work. All four of us seem compatible. Praise be that God put us together to help each other. Have a great Thanksgiving, gang! I am not planning to hold back! Don

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