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Update: What do you think?


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The nurse practitioner called Friday. The Dr. (not available till Mon) had looked at the PET scan & report from Wed. and wants me to make an appt. with the surgeon and the pulmonary specialist. The PET scan showed cancer in just that one spot (the one on the 11/1 CT that was 1.8 x .8 cm in my upper left lung). I see the Onc on Mon at 9am.

The complication here is that we are moving on Dec 9th and must be in Orlando by the 13th. Also, we're moving with 2 retrievers (Golden and Lab). We must drive and it would be better for two people to make the trip.

I called the surgeons office and he can't see me until Dec 1st, but was advised to bring the film, reports, etc to their office and they would put it on his desk for him to look at when he returns on 11/17. Also suggested having my Onc. call him (the surgeon) on the 17th.

The surgeon operates on Thursdays. Unless he can fit me into his schedule on the 18th (1 day aft. he learns of my problem), it just isn't going to work to have the surgery here. But, can I really wait until we get to Orlando? The Onc's nurse said they could make the arrangements and have everything set up for me there.

Need your prayers and any ideas you might have re: how to deal with this.

Muriel K

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First good news that you can get surgery!

My suggestion would be to cover all bases, I would try to locate a thoracic surgeon in Orlando and call and explain your situation and make an appt so that you are all set up when you get there. And perhaps also have the scans sent. It can;'t hurt to have an appt set up ahead of time in case this surgeon cannot take you on the 18th. You can always cancel the appt.

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Hi Muriel---I agree with others because after your surgery, you will need follow up visits--and I am sure you don't want to change surgeons at that point---

anyway, no matter where you have it , I wish you a very speedy recovery---


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