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All Pancoast Tumor Survivors- Meeting called 11/13

Donna G

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We have had a request for a meeting of the Pancoast Tumor Survivors. A new member who just started treatment would like to join. His name is Kasey. He would love to hear from us and find support for this journey that he is taking.

Meeting Called to Order

Just in case you missed my post, my 2 nodules did not change on my last CT and they feel they are not to worry about. My 7 yr survival party is coming up the first week of December, all are invited. I continue to keep a close friendship with our good friend NED. Please introduce your selves to Kasey. I am looking forward to this meeting and having all check in on how they are. Thanks Donna G

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Where is every body?


We have not gathered in so long! Please update us on how things have been going. We all miss Judy B.

Rita, Laurene Relyag, Tracy, Rocco, Kelly for her dad, Keith, Rita Bubb, Grammy bear ,Gary, mhutch1366 Please tell us how we are doing?

Pancoast tumors are squamous or adenocarcinoma tumors located in the superior sulcus or apex or the lung cause symptom of shoulder pain, weakness and other problems because they press on nerves , blood vessels, and the pleura.


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