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Hi. My 1st post.


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My name is Karen and my hubby`s name is Scott. I have had 4 sons, lost one 1992. I have 4 granddaughters and 2 great grandkids, one girl, one boy and my 1st grandson is due within 2 wks.

I have been reading your posts for a couple of months and wanting to join in and I finally got the courage to do so today.

I found out on Ap. 2, 2004 that I had lung cancer. I was expecting it to

happen some day, but thought it would be further on down the road. My mom died from sclc in 1988 and several times I have quit smoking, one time for 3 yrs. The other 2 times for 6 months. I quit the day my rad. Dr.

told me that he didn`t want to see me again after this cancer was gone!

It has been 7 months since I quit! I have smoked in 2 dreams and real-

alized that each day before the dream, my hubby and I had a big argue-

ment over politics. We don`t talk politics or religion anymore!!! I do, once in awhile, have a nic. fit, but I shut my eyes and watch the smoke touch-

ing the tumor (scar now) as it goes into my lungs. The urge goes quickly!

I have looked for those that have squamous and found a few. I read that men are usally the ones to get it. I did find 1 lady.....Cindy`O....gosh,

I hope I have the right name. I read on here once, that someone`s Dr. said it was very fast growing and yet everything I `v read say it is very

slow??? I have read all of Dean Carl`s posts as he has squamous. I am wondering if anyone has any news about him ?

I am very glad I found this place w/all you caring and understanding

people. Your new friend,


I just previewed this post.....new to puter.....it doesn`t look the way I typed it.......my paragraphs(?) are messed up. What did I do wrong? :?

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Welcome Karen to a club noone wants to join. But as you have seen, there are lots of nice people.

When you are typing, don't worry about trying to make the paragraphs look good in the little box. The line lengths are different, and the longer lines once the message is posted will automatically be adjusted. But it looks like you hit return as you got close to the end of each line, and the computer will automatically take care of that. Only hit return when you want a new paragraph.

But most of all, don't worry about it. We'll figure it out, and we've all read worse. So say what you need and want to say, and everything else is pretty much irrelevant.

Welcome again,


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I can't help with your questions but I can say welcome to our family. I know you don't want to have to be here...(niether do any of us) but the company is great. You can type anyway you like and I promise we will read it. Nice to meet you. I hope you continue to get the great news from NED.


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Hi Karen,

looks like you have gotten the majority of treatment behind you...now that you got the courage to introduce yourself, you can jump right in whenever you want or need to.

It might be me that you were thinking about the squamous cell. If you want to PM me about any questions or anything at all, I am here..

Again, a big welcome.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Karen,

So glad to see that NED has come to visit you and I hope he stays for years.

Curtis is right about the hitting the enter key. Only hit it when you want to start a new paragraph. And then you have to hit it 2x.

We read anything here because we care about all our members but it is easier to read if you do short paragraphs. White space makes it easier for old folks like me to read.

Welcome to the best support group there is. Let us know about that new grandson.

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Hi Karen,

Welcome! Trust me alot of us know your cig cravings we have all been

there. Sometimes is sooo hard and others times it just doesn't bother me. It's just a choice and we just have to choose to live. Good luck to

you and take care.

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Hey Karen. Pleased to meet you.

Must be a great feeling to be free of the weed AND living with NED!! Congratulations on both. Haven't seen Dean on the site since early Oct. but there may be someone out there who has contact with him. Take care, and keep us posted Karen.

David P.

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Hi Karen,

Just wanted to say a quick hello and that I wish you the very best. I have a sister named Karen and 3 good friends named Karen.

Wishing you the very best and hope you'll visit with us often. Someone is always here to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on should one be needed.

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Welcome Karen,

A friend who spoke at our rally last Friday gave us several memorable moments about smokers who get lung cancer. He said he learned how to smoke when he was young and learned how to do it very well. He also said that of all he has gone thru (including WBR) his biggest miracle is that he doesn't smoke anymore. By the way, he's a 3 year squamous cell survivor - back to work and doing great.

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