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My name is Tom and I'm from New Jersey. I didn't see this forum topic until after I posted my story in the other forum topic called My Story. I'm a lung cancer primary patient diagnosed in April 2002 and went into remission seven weeks ago after dealing with lung, brain, adrenal gland cancers, a second brain tumor, 60 radiation treatments, 20 chemotherapy treatments, and numerous, numerous side effects from drugs and other medications.

My story is in book form, which I have detailed under the My Story topic. Very inspirational story.

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Hi Tom. I also read your story in "My Story". Ran a newsroom! Boy many of us have knocked on the doors of newsrooms . Some of us have gotten our story in a local paper. We feel people need to know about us, to know about how badly lung cancer needs an accepted screening tool, funding for research, etc. You wrote a book! Great. I have asked David to write a book. He is over 20 yr survivor! He was diagnosed very young. People need to know it comes to the young also, people who never smoked, people who quit years and years ago. I hope your book is a success but most of all I hope you stay in remission for as one of our local survivors says " It is another great day to be alive!" :D Again, welcome. Donna G

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HI, Tom, welcome. It sounds like you are one heck of a survivor, of the LC but also of the curves life does throw at times. A book! That is amazing. I am "the wife" and I have trouble keeping the dishes done.

A hearty welcome to the group. We help each other a great deal.

Navigation: On the first page, when you sign in, top right is a line that says posts since last visit. It will bring up everything new on all the forums. That helps me to keep up.

Profile: You will see profiles below a lot of our posts. You can customize yours above, where it says profile. Grin. They are really helpful.


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Hey there Tom. Welcome, and congratulations on all your triumphs. Especially writing a book while being slightly dyslexic :wink: (2514). Went to Authorhouse and read your bio and book preview -- sounds like a wonderful read for anyone dealing with cancer. Maybe you'll give me some book writing tips so I can at least get Donna off my back :lol: (just kidding Donna). I'm sort of working on a rough draft in what spare time I have. I see your timely appearance here will definitely benefit the general population; I was just speaking with a newcomer to my local LC support group who was just diagnosed with lung cancer with mets to the adrenal gland and was wishing he could speak to someone who has been there. Told him about this site. Hope he visits and gets to meet you. Good to have you aboard, and I'll certainly be contacting you for a signed copy of your book. Take care.

David P.

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David, and all the others, again let me thank you for all your welcomes. I'd be more than happy to talk with your friend, David. I've come to the site a few times since Sunday, but really trying to go through some topics and see what people are talking about.

My adrenal gland surgery was a laparoscopic adrenalectomy. I used to ask people to say that five times fast to see if they got tongue-tied. Instead of the full stomach surgery and a big scar along the abdomen, I have what are basically four slits along the left side of the abdomen. That was much better when it came to recuperating. The surgeon, whose name was Atlas (can you beat that?), was fantastic.

Heading home from work now. It's about 10:44 p.m. eastern time and I've been here since 9:30 this morning. (Except for lunch and supper) Just put all the papers to bed for the week.

Hope to talk more with you.

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