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Frank and the Parrot


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Upon reaching his seat on the airplane, Frank is taken aback to see a parrot sitting next to him. Soon enough, however, he gets used to it. When the stewardess comes around, he asks her politely for a cup of coffee.

Suddenly, the parrot squawks "Get me a whisky, you X#$#$!"

The stewardess recoils, then rushes off to bring back a whisky for the parrot. She forgets the man's coffee.

The man quietly points this out to her while the parrot drains its glass. She apologizes and starts to leave again. Again the parrot sounds off, "And get me another whisky, you @Q$#Q$!"

Shaking and upset, the girl returns with another whisky for the bird. Still no coffee for the man.

Taking a page from the parrot's book, Frank man tries a different tack.

He growls, "I've asked you twice for a coffee! Where the hell is it? Do I have to go get it myself, you dumb &^^Q@$?"

Within moments, he and the parrot are seized and flung out of the plane by a couple of huge stewards.

As they plummet towards the earth, the parrot turns to the man and squawks, "Jeez, buddy! For someone with no wings, you're a pretty nervy sonofa@$Q$@!#!"

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I think this one may have been posted on here before, but it is one of my favorites, and there have been a couple of other parrot jokes posted.

A good Catholic lady wanted a parrot for her kids, but they were much too expensive. But in the back of the pet store, behind a glass cage, was a parrot that was very cheap, so she asked the store owner about it.

"It is a beautiful bird and completely healthy, but we got it from a whorehouse, and the only thing she says is "Hey sailor, wanna screw?"

The poor lady blushed, and she was very sad because her children wanted a parrot, but there was no way they could have one that said this. So she discussed with the priest at confession that Saturday. The priest said, "I can handle this one. We have two parrots in the rectory, and I have taught them to pray the rosary. Bring this parrot by, and she will be praying the rosary in no time, and then you can take her to your children."

So the lady bought the parrot and took her to the rectory. Upon seeing the parrots there, she said, "Hey sailor, wanna screw?" The first parrot said, "Brother John, put down those beads. Our prayers have been answered!"


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