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gene thearpy verus standard


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As you said gene therapy and almost all cancer therapy besides chemo is through a trial. More and more are being approved for other cancers (monoclonal antibodies mostly) but I think Iressa is the only non-chemo drug approved for LC. I difinitely could be wrong about this.

There is P53 vaccine that *seems* promising.

The best thing to do from a practical point is figure out what trials are available to you. You can ask your Dr

Also you can look at

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov and other web sites that show trials.

Look at this site to find the closest NCI designated center

http://www3.cancer.gov/cancercenters/ce ... t.html#L28

You can call the centers to find out what trials are open

If you are close to Washington DC you can call NCI (National Cancer Institute to find find trials.)

After you get a list of the trials you may be qualified for, look for Phase III trials and any other info that may seem to indicate one is more promising. Compare that you 2nd line chemo.

There are a lot of trials I found in maryland. I did not find as many in virginia, but there is probably more.

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/search ... 2Cmaryland

http://www.cancer.org/docroot/NWS/conte ... Cancer.asp

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If the Dr is not willing to help then maybe find another one.

You can try to call different NCI designated centers, or use the web to

find clinical trials.

My mom was retired and on Medicare and all the trials were covered

by the insurance. Most trials are fairly cheap, I *think* you only pay for supportive care not the drug

Are you close to DC or University of Virginia or Richmond? A NCI designated center usually will have access to more trials (I think) than a regular hospital

Michael J. Weber, Ph.D.


Cancer Center

University of Virginia, Health Sciences Center Jefferson Park Ave., Room 617E

Charlottesville, Virginia 22908

Tel: 434/243-9926

Fax: 434/982-0918

(Clinical Cancer Center)

Gordon D. Ginder, M.D.

Professor of Medicine & Director

Massey Cancer Center

Virginia Commonwealth University P.O. Box 980037

Richmond, Virginia 23298-0037

Tel: 804/828-0450

Fax: 804/828-8453

(Clinical Cancer Center)

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Yes Rick, gvax and other vaccines. We are looking at one at NIH. I talked with thme today but the vaccine trail they suggested is phase 1 and I'm kinda scared of that. They don't do the Gvax . We are still waiting to hear from the Gvax clincial trail nurse. Not sure what to do yet.

Joe, I don't know if I would call it "sexy"(lol),but vaccines seems to have hope(in my opinion anyway, from what i have read) where as chemo does not in my husbands case.


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