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The Rosary and my dad(inspiring)


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This is what happened...

In April my mom flew home from Florida, to Mich..She had her rosary that her mom brought from Italy(at least 50 years old) she was saying the rosary on the plane and when she was finished she put it in her purse or at least she thought she did..

She called me the next day very upset because she couldnt find it, we called the airport to see if anyone had found it..They did find a rosary so my husband and I went back to the airport to pick it up, it wasnt hers..

The other day I was reading a post on here that was talking about a similar situation with a rosary..I decided I was going to talk to my dad out loud..I grabbed his picture and asked him to help mom find her rosary..

My mom was over yesterday, she started to say "remember when I lost my rosary on the plane in april,"I stopped her before she could say anything else and I said "dont even tell me you found it" she did she found the rosary that was supposed to be lost on a plane..I was in awe..All I could think of is my dad is okay, he really heard me, he really is in heaven with Our Lord..

In case your wondering where the rosary was it was in her wintercoat pocket..She never takes her winter coat to Florida....

I almost forgot, after I was telling my family about what happened my daughter looked a little puzzled, friday she was at our local fruit market as she was coming out some people were putting a brochure on her car, she said she thought it was strange because she didnt see any on other cars..The brochure was "The Fatima Crusade, Special Rosary Editon"

One of my dads favorite movies was The song of Bernadette, I remember him telling me that when he was sick..The Song of Bernadette was all about Our lady of Fatima..

I am not quit sure what happened this weekend, all I know is when my mom started talking about that rosary just 2 days after I asked my dad to help, it was weird, and then the brochure on my daughter's car and my dads favorite movie...Its been 7 months since my mom lost her rosary, like Don Wood says "coincidence"

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I truely believe your dad heard you and is watching over you.

My dad just passed away in September and I kept thinking I just want a sign to know that he is alright now. I kept trying to think of a way he could show me he was alright. One night I was outside walking the dog and I said out loud "Daddy if you are alright let me see a Blue Bird in my yard". I know this sounds strange, but we use to see a few Blue Birds here and there and I haven't seen one for the last couple of years in my yard, so I thought this was a good request. I kept looking over the next few days and didn't see a blue bird. I soon forgot about my request. One afternoon I came home from the grocery store and I was walking into my house and I saw my Blue Bird and then another, and another, and then another! I saw at least 8 Blue Birds in my yard. I have lived here 20 years and have never seen more then 2 Blue Birds together in my yard at one time. All I could do was smile. I knew if there was any way possible for my dad to give me a sign he would and he did! He made sure I didn't miss my sign! I have not seen a Blue Bird since that day.

Thanks DAD now maybe I'll be alright too!

I agree these happenings are not coincidental.


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I am not sure if it helped her or not..She didnt seem as excited as I was about the whole experience ..I even hesitated posting it, I felt like I had to share it and maybe it might help someone who is struggling with the loss of their loved one, it has helped me find a bit of peace, although I have to admit I keep rereading it to remind myself that it really did happen..I have to believe it was my dad..

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