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I wrote to Donna and Mhutch yesterday - but not sure if I did it right. Still am having some trouble navigating the site. If you girls got my message - sure hope I can find it. Like I said - not real savy here with this site. I can find my member profile - not sure that is enough though. I reallly need some big time help right now. Thanks, Kasey

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Kasey, great job posting, I have been on this site a while so I have seen the great features added slowly and had a chance to get used to them gradually. Believe me this is a wonderful site. Hope soon you figure out how to put your profile or "signature " at the bottom of your post, it helps others to see a summary of your journey. Yes I got your message and have put in a post to call to order the Pancoast Survivors. Sometimes it take a couple of days, and some have asked for " hall passes" because they will be away from the board for vacation etc. This is an emotional disease as well as physical. Most all of us have been there! YOU are at a great site to help with the support you need. Donna G

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I'm here, Kasey, but mostly darting in at the end of the workday or at lunchtime.... rarely on weekends.....


I sent you a pm or maybe mentioned in the post in reply to yours about my surgeon at NIH who was good. You're close enough for a consult, I think I gave you enough information for your doctor to contact him.

Anyway, You're in my prayers.....

Hang in there...


Prayers always,


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