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Hi there! (time for an update)


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Well, I actually have a little energy left over this evening so I thought I'd post an update.

There really hasn't been much change lately. Still house bound due to muscle weakness and that's not going to change. I WILL have to make a trip the the social security office in the next couple of weeks as my State Disability runs out and I switch over to Social Security Disability. It's all been aproved already and I'm just waiting on the notice from the State that they are tired of giving me money. :)

We "inherited" a new bird feeder from some neighbors that were moving. So now we have two and the various breeds of birds are working out who uses what feeder. Funny as heck to watch

A big ol' red tail hawk took care of part of our wood rat problem the other day (the wood rats moved in after the fire last year) and I happened to be looking out the window when he made his strike. Absolutely increadable bit of flying!

I do feel some sadness from time to time over the things I can no longer do, but I try to focus on those things I CAN do and am constantly on the lookout for new things to occupy my time and mental energy. I guess the problem there is I didn't expect when I made the choice over a year ago not to agresively treat this ilnness to be alive this long.

I'm on the board daily and think about you all often, even the newcomers I haven't replied to.

My attitude toward this disease remains the same .... it may kill me, but it will NEVER beat me! My goal for the rest of my life is still the same .... to live it as well as I can for as long as I'm here. That attitude and goal has allowed me not only to survive the last year, but, at least in my mind, to flourish.

One last reminder: Remember, "I" can't do this .... but "WE" can.

And if you will allow me a little tribute:

"Praying for us all!"


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So good to see you on the board. I set a few bird feeders out myself. We put up two Purple Martin houses also. I have dozens of Barn Swallows nests, in which they back come year after year to reclaim their nests, as unsitely as people think their nests are. Ha! My neighbors practice target shooting BB guns at them. Makes me so mad! I can see God in everyone of those critters. It deeply moves me.

Dean, I know you are opposed to any evassive treatment, but would you be opposed to a vaccine. It has literally no side effects. I am not sure where they are being held in your area, but it could actually slow down, if not cure the beast. Forgive me, I am 100 percent with you, on what ever decision you make. Please , I am not trying to offend you in any way.

My Regards,


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Dean. We were just talking about you in the "Welcome" forum. Good to see you post again -- have I told you how much I LOVE reading your posts. Thanks to you, I take more time to notice the wonder of things going on around me in my all to hectic life. Mind you, we don't have Red Tailed Hawks and Geckos, but we do have Seagulls and Salamanders, and a class of students on the third floor of my school has three pet rats. Hope you get all the State issues settled so you can "Keep on truckin". Take care Dean.

David P.

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Dean Carl,

I was delighted to see your post as I logged on to the board tonight. I think of you often and was wondering how things were with you. I see that you are still winning this war....it will never beat you. You are in my prayers daily. I wish you and Gay only the best.


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Dear Dean,

As I sit here and post, I directly face 3 bird feeders. 2 contain thistle and attract finches and the third has 'deluxe' bird seed. Here we get mainly cardinals, blue jays (mean critters), sparrows and junkos, but many other species. The squirrels like this one way too much and need to buy a baffle this weekend. I sprayed the pole with WD40 but that fooled them for maybe 10 seconds.

Have to get a new peanut feeder. This attracts woodpeckers and nuthatches. Filling the feeders was always Earl's job, but I gladly assumed this when he got sick. Watching the birds is joyful.

I was so glad to see your post. As you know we worry about you and Gay when we don't hear from you. We all hope that you are pain free, comfortable and enjoying life every day.

God bless you.

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Hi Dean,good to hear from you.As always your opinions and outlook are uplifting and inspirational.I too get frustrated at things I am no longer able to do and each time I think of you and either find a different way to do that thing or else find something else to do.(if that makes any sense to anyone).Thank You for the update.

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Gosh - it is SO good to hear from you again!

You said: "I do feel some sadness from time to time over the things I can no longer do, but I try to focus on those things I CAN do and am constantly on the lookout for new things to occupy my time and mental energy."

You do so many things I can't do! For one, I bet you know all the different kinds of birds and critters that come into your yard. I don't know blue ones from brown ones from red ones.

You can also uplift so many of us here with the amazing way you have of putting words together. THAT is to be envied.

Take care of yourself.


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Dean, it was so wonderful to hear from you and read another of your clever and witty posts! You seem to have this all under control so very well and I admire you so very much for strength! Hang in there and please keep in touch whenever you feel up to it!

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