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My lucky owl....

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I was suppose to have a hysterectomy not lung surgery. Due to some female problems I had been going through, testing since this past August, told I had urine fibroids (non cancerous tumors on the uterus) this is what had been causing my problems. I elected to have a hysterectomy since I had already been blessed with a son and daughter. Ok, the surgery is scheduled for Sept 13 2004. Pre-op visit is Sept 7th with the surgeon, my appointment is at 3:00 pm My son getting married at 5:00 in a little church 60 miles away, the appt took longer than I had expected finally told the doc I needed to go explained why and he said go go go handed me preop testing papers and said have these test done at the hospital this week sometimes. We make it to the church 15 min late but we are there everyone has been waiting on us. My son is married and we have gained a wonderful daughter in law. Driving back home later that night I see the eyes staring at me in the road, I tell my husband we are going to hit something, and then I seen it, It was a hugh owl I watched it as it was thrown into my side of the car breaking the side mirror on the passenger side. I had the most erie feeling as that owl was looking at me. I look at my husband and said we just killed that owl, owls are suppose to be lucky, this is a omen. He of course said I was being silly. Couple days later Sept 9, early I decide to go get my pre op testing done, blood work, ekg, and chest exray. I get it all done, drive back home and the phone rings...its the hospital they see something on the xray the need a retake today come right back, so I did. Got a another chest xray and was told to dress and wait to make sure the films are ok. Thirty or Forty min. pass, the receptionist tells me I have a phone call and hands me the phone, Its my doctor telling me there is small nodule that looks cancerous and wants me to stay and have a Cat Scan with contrast of my chest. I tell him I am scared to death and there no reply back only I'll call you when I get the results. Next day I hear nothing until later that afternoon, doc tells me it looks to be a malignant cancer and sets an appointment up for a CT guided needle biopsy on 9-14-04, again I told the doc I'm scared, this time a reply, I know just pray,pray,pray. Im so stressed all weekend long, all I can do is walk, I take my little dog and we go to the local cemetary and walk (I know, but it has a path the dog is allowed and I am alone) 3-4 times a day we go and I stop and pray at the stone steps where Jesus hangs on a cross. I dont pray why me, but for a second chance. This goes on for the rest of the weekend into Monday 9-13-04 the day I was suppose to have my hysterectomy. Monday on one of my walks all was the same exept when iI finished praying opened my eyes got up to continue the walk my right foot stumbles over something...I look down it appears to be a rock or something..I reach down and pick it up and it is a tarnished old brassy owl, here comes that erie feeling...I sit back down looking at it. I stand up place this dirty owl in my right pocket (the side my cancer is on) I keep this old owl in my pocket trough my biopsy and as long as they would let me have it before surgery.....My results......NSCLC had not traveled to lymph system.....

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