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DavidC today


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Hey, just thought I'd let you all know to be thinking about DavidC and say an extra prayer today.

Karen called awhile ago to tell me he was at the hospital. They had thought it was probably bronchitis causing his trouble breathing, coughing, etc. But it seems the small amount of fluid around his heart has increased, so he's having an ultrasound to check it out and see what may need to be done about that. :x

At the hospital, Karen said she and Dave got to laughing pretty hard at David's antics, trying to do weird things with the oxygen monitor. So be on the lookout for some pointers from my crazy brother later on. (I can hear it now: "How to amuse yourself while waiting in the hospital.") :roll:

Please pray that all goes well and that he's home and more comfortable and getting better soon! Thanks, everybody,


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I just hope that Karen hid his blonde wig and eye shadow, before they headed to the hospital! :D:?

Of course, David has all my best wishes and vibes...and Karen too! Patch Adams probably has nothing on David....except maybe for a medical degree, eh? Hoping he laughs his way right out of there, with a good report and quick fix on what's ailing him!

Keep us posted.

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