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Whew! (Huge sigh of relief)


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Just back from the chest surgeon with good results--everything looks ok and come back in 3 months!!!!!! Now I can get some sleep and get ready for the holidays.

I know you folks aren't strangers to the anxiety this time brings--there is no kind of tranquilizer made that would keep me from becoming next to a wild woman for the time preceding these tests! (unless I went into a drug-induced coma)

Saw breast surgeon last week--good to go there for 6 months. Also saw onc last week--same thing. That chest guy is the biggest hurdle for me though--

This stuff just keeps me next to tears for about two weeks every three months.....and there is no solution except the passing of time.......very frustrating.....


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First off Congratulation on having good reports! That's a blessing! HOORAY! Cocktail time!!! :)

And as for the waiting game and the hell we all go through waiting to hear one of two things. 1. All is fine, or 2. Hummm looks like we might have a problem here!!! That's it, it's that simple. But, it's the pits having to wait to hear the good or the bad. To be honest with you, it REALLY REALLY does get a little better the longer out you go. So, when your a 10 year survivor, you won't be going through half the garble you do now.

Hope that gives you something to look forward too?! ((((CINDY))))

Happy Holidays, and I'm glad for your good news.

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Congrats, Cindy. Heave a big ol' sigh of relief, grab your recipe book and credit cards and go forth and make holidays!! :D:wink:

I just spent some time this evening going thru some of my holiday recipes to decide which ones I'll use this year as gifties. I love doing gifts from the kitchen for some of my golfing friends.

If you've never checked it out...got to www.gooseberrypatch.com for some neat recipe books and other stuff!

(No thanks necessary...it's always fun to spend someone else's money! 8) Betcha can't leave the Gooseberry Patch without buying!! ) :D

I'm really happy you got such great reports from your docs. Enjoy!!

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