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Oncomer, in animal tests, converts tumors into bloodless mas


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Wish this was closer to clinical trials:

Link: http://www.anvilpub.com/lcu_october.htm (No. 9)

Pre-clinical studies of Oncomer, developed by Coremed, Inc., indicate it has the potential to instantly convert a solitary tumor into a bloodless mass, the company announced on Sept. 13.

“This development has enormous anti-cancer implications,” said Frank K. Leung, M.D., F.A.C.E., Coremed's chief executive officer. "Based on pre-clinical studies, Oncomer has the potential of becoming a powerful angio-occlusive and thrombo-embolic agent and a novel drug delivery system against a solitary tumor."

Coremed, a privately held company, has been engaged in the development of alternative insulin-delivery technologies. It was during its research that Oncomer (AM00-A-007665-AAPS) was discovered.

Based on pre-clinical studies:

- Oncomer distributes itself in the entire arterial tree, including its arterioles and capillaries, based on a study of an animal's celiac or placenta circulation.

- Thrombosis and occlusion occur even in extremely high-pressure chambers such as the left atrium and ventricle of the animal heart, aorta, and hepatic circulation.

- When injected selectively into the pulmonary circulation, an entire lung segment instantly becomes bloodless and petrified. Pathology showed that thrombosis and occlusion occur in the entire arterial tree circulation.

- The time required for Oncomer to become fully solidified can be manipulated.

- Oncomer is non-toxic to normal cells based on its toxicity study of isolated rat fibroblast experiments (AM00-A-007824-AAPS).

It is generally recognized that one of the most effective means of killing a solitary tumor is to cut off its entire blood supply. Current anti-cancer developments have been focused on the inhibition of the neovascularization. Tumor responses to different modern chemotherapy protocols are variable and often unpredictable.

Preliminary animal experiments suggest that Oncomer holds promise as a powerful weapon against a solitary tumor, Leung said, because:

- Oncomer works on the existing anatomical circulatory system to stop blood supply.

- Oncomer suffocates the tumor by instantly cutting off the blood supply and turns it into a bloodless mass.

- Oncomer prevents metastasis as it cuts off arterial circulation and drops the arterial pressure to zero.

- Oncomer may prevent immediate disintegration of the tumor by solidifying the tumor mass.

- Oncomer can be used to carry soluble and insoluble drugs to target inaccessible tumor sites, even in highly-pressurized and highly vascularized organs.

Oncomer is currently used solely in animal studies.

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