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I am a 32yr old female with multiple family histories of lung cancer including my mom who died at 41. I had a partial vulvectomy in April due to carcinoma in situ of the vulva. Clear margins were not met and no further surgery done. In sept I went to er with severe chest pain. Ct scan showed multiple lung nodules in both lungs largest 6 mm with a spiculated margin. The report says suspicious of metastatic disease. My pulmo doc is just waiting to do a follow up ct scan in Dec. I am terrified and continue to have bad chest pain shortness of breath and extreme fatigue(so extreme I was in a car accident because of it) but am sleeping 8-10 hrs a night. Can carcinoma in situ be metastatic? Would you consider cancer with such small nodules? Any input would be soo appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.


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Lisa I replied to this on another thread but I'm not sure what to make of the pulmonary nodules. Lots of people have pulmonary nodules that have nothing to do with cancer and 6mm spots are pretty small. They are too small to biopsy without opening you up. 6mm nodules will definitely not cause pain in the chest unless they are a result of blood clots or infection.

Carcinoma in situ does not have the biologic ability to spread. If it does, someone got the diagnsosi wrong. As unsatisfying as it is to hear this, I agree with followup CT scans generally in 3 months and if stable probably go to 6 months. The chest pain is a whole seperate issue and there are myriad non-cancer causes of chest pain that should be/ were? looked into.

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