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Really? I'll have to check them out!

I like the red ones, but they are specifically focused on anti-smoking.

If LUNGevity has clear bands specifically focused at Lung Cancer -- I'm all over that!! (But I just went onto their website and don't see anything) I'll give them a call and get the scoop!

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You Moms are going to have to help me out.

What does KBD stand for?

And I love the bands. Any color. It's all good.

By the way. Someone of you posted regarding a kit from alcase for lung cancer awareness month.

I got the kit. And I love it. I used to work for a fairly large company and in fact, I had to leave my work to go to the ER when I first had symptoms. You know how word gets around.... I had quite a bit of support for the first two weeks and then the judgements started in and I felt it deeply... and I still feel it. They won't hire me back.

I wrote out "My Story" on the back of this poster and I hope and pray that it gets posted and someone takes notice.

I have ideas for next year. By then, I am sure I will be feeling alot better.

Cindi o'h

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Up North here many are wearing the yellow bands. They are to support anyone who is battling cancer I was told. My daughter bought a batch of them off Ebay for $1.00 each and gave each of my family members one.

I wore mine until I felt like it was becoming a negative energy for me as it reminded me of my own greiving more then I liked. Taking it off for awhile has been kind of a relief from it. I guess we do what we have to do.

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