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And he keeps fighting....


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Wanted to give you all an update on whats been happening....

It has been so long since I posted, I can't really remember where I left off... so I will do a "quick" synopsis...

Daddy finished his brain radiation approx. 4 weeks ago.... 1 week after he finished (and started up his Chemo regiman again) he fell and broke his clavicle.

Ended up in the hospital because he was so weak and needed a transfusion.

MRI in hospital showed great success with the brain radiation... Neuroligist and Onc were quite pleased.... Had Chemo while in the hospital and then came home.

We hired a nurse to stay with Mom and Dad 24 hours a day as Dad was so weak and very very unsteady on his feet.... physical therapy twice a week, terrible equilibrium problems... I had kind of resolved myself to the fact that he was not going to get much better....

WELL... this past tuesday, Mom calls and says he is walking very well, the physical therapist is overjoyed.... No more unsteadiness, no more weakness... My husband went to see him today to take him to his appt with the orthopedist for his clavicle and he came down the stairs in the house UNASSISTED and walked to the car with no problem.... A week ago, he could hardly walk.... We are all so happy and shocked... He is still on Chemo, as a matter of fact goes again tomorrow for another treatment... the CPT 11 Cisplatnim combo must be doing something good!!! His appetite is back and he says he feels good!!! Onc wants to do at least two more rounds of Chemo before we scan... I am just thanking God for this gift.

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Once when Steve had a major turnaround, one of my friends from church (a young mother who had almost died from cancer in her leg) came by and whispered in my ear..."we DO believe in miracles, we DO believe in miracles!" So thrilled to hear of your dad's miracle.

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Dear Sharon,

I'm SO happy to hear your good news. Your dad is incredible -- and so it the medicine they've gotten for us now. I'm sure your Thanksgiving is going to be guite different from what you were picturing only a few weeks ago.

Tell him to keep on going! we're all rooting for him!


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