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Lucie's Update

Don Wood

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We went to the onc today. Lucie has had six cycles of Navelbine and tolerated it pretty well. She will have a PET scan next Wednesday, to compare with the one taken in June, so we can see where we are. If Navelbine has done the job (and we believe it has), Lucie will get two more cycles to complete the protocol. If it has not done a satisfactory job, she will be switched to Alimta or something like that. So there is good hope all around. Lucie now has two lung cancer survivors she is working with one-pn-one. What a woman! Onc gave her next week off as well as this one, so she will have a great Thanksgiving at our son and daughter-in-law's. Our whole family will be there. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Don

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Don & Lucie,It sounds as if the both of you have done a great job again.I am very happy that Lucie has tolerated chemo this well.What an amazing LADY.Don you are without a doubt a caregiver second to none.Wishing you both a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with your family.Our prayers and well wishes for the very best of results on the tests.

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I am so happy Lucie is tolerating the chemo well. I hope you get great news with the PET scan next week.

It is nice she has a couple of weeks off chemo so she can enjoy her Thanksgiving with family! Wish you both a wonderful holiday.

Keep on amazing us Lucie!


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Don and Lucie,

May you two have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Will keep you in my prayers for good scan results, but I know that no matter what they are the two of you will make the best of them.

I want you to know that if I'm having a bad day, I read your posts and I always feel better. Thanks for being such an inspiration to so many of us.

God Bless you both,


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Well, golly. I'm so thankful to have come across the two of you this year. Would you like to adopt me? I'm fairly quiet, and promise to keep my room clean, but must bring my 2 kitties. Ok? I can have my bags packed in a minute! :P

Seriously, have a wonderful holiday with your family.


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Hey Don,

I am praying for great scans. I know Lucie is looking forward to the end. My chemo is scheduled to end Dec. 7th, I had chemo this week as a matter of fact. I tolerated it well I suppose. I worked all week, and even had training in Dallas. If Lucie is like me, she will be counting down the days. I may go on a vaccine trial. Side effects are suppose to be almost non-existent. I hope the results fare better. Give Lucie my best,


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