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Still no Answers


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Hi all

I have been so busy these last few weeks with Mom. She is still in incredible pain, and doctors are baffled. Her onc admitted her to the hospital 2 times in a 2 week period, and then last Sunday she was admitted by her PCP. We have heard everything from obstructed bowel,gallbladder,compression fracture in her spine and who knows what else. She has had numerous tests some of them 2 times, mri and ct scans where done 10/28,11/2 and again this week on Tuesday. A bone scan was also done on Monday as well as a colonoscopy and edonoscopy yesterday evening. There is no cancer anywhere thats for sure.

But how can we even think of celebrating when she has such horrible constant pain. At least the doctors finally realize how bad she hurts, and have called in back up from all areas to get to the bottom of this. As of tonight we know that a pain managment and nuerosurgeon beieve the pain is coming from the fracture in the T6/7 area of her spine, and that the pain can be horrible in the back as well as front. The a general surgeon says its her gallbladder. She has 3 small sones that show up and she has pain in the right place, but other than that there is nothing else to indicate that this is the cause of the pain.

Yesterday the consenous was they where goingto do surgery Friday on her back and flip her over and do her gallbladder, but gall bladder doc came in this afternnoon and has decided he does'nt think doing both surgeries at the same time is a good thing. Mom saw the back doc early this morning, and they where calling in pulmonoligist to check her her lungs and bllod gases for surgery, but thats all we heard. I have no clue if and when they are going to do the back surgery tomorrow or not.

They have kinda just left us hanging and wondering. I did call mom's onc today and ask that she double check everything they are recommending, as i trust her judgement on the procedures as well as the doctors that have been called in. Plus, is she even strong enough to go through wioth this?? 4 months on chemo and radiation pretty much depletes a person.

The surgery on her back is called kyphoplasty and basically they make a small incision where the fracture is located and insert and tube thru which they can inject cement stuff into her spine. This is supossed to give immediate relief, and has a very nice sucess rate. If anyone is familiar with it I would love to hear your thougths.

I am just so tired and exhausted. The 4 months of chemo and radiation everyday where nothing compared to these last 3-4 weeks. Mom is ready to throw in the towel, she is so tired of hurting. Its hard to believe she went thru all that and find out she is NED and then practically the same day all this starts. ANd it has nothing to do with cancer. what timing.

Mom had gone back to owrk p/t, but only made it about 5 days before this started, and we are afraid she has lost her job. They already went over the FMLA 1 month, and paid her insurance for her too. Not sure whats gonna happen. If they can get her fixed tomorrow and they say there is not really a recovery to this surgery, just no heaving lifting for 6 weeks, and immediate pain relief. So she could possibly go back one day next week, I just wish she didnt have to worry about working, in order to survive. She is 66 and deserves to retire. She has already gone thru what little retirement she had. We had to get that money out just to pay bills and survive as her job had no short term disability. Thats really why she wants to work, she thinks that if she worked she can save her paycheck and build her retirement back up and live off social security.

Anyway Im rambling at this point, just wanted to update everyone on her, and ask for your prayers tomorrow if indeed they do surgery and if not, that something happens soon.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts here

God Bless us all


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Two surgeries in one day seem excessive to me as well. Why not try the first one (back) and then in a week or so do the gallbladder. Gallbladder problems can be very painful, and since they saw stones it could very well be that she has both problems. Maybe they can do the GB surgery with an endoscope so as to shorten her recovery time.

About all I can do is pray that whatever is decided that things work out well and she is no longer in pain. I have to say congrats on the NED....that is a big thing. This other can be handled.


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Whatever the treatment plan is for your mother, please know that I will be saying a prayer for her and for you to continue to find the energy and strength to get thru this time. Please take care of yourself.

Love and prayers,

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