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I need some help with this one. I've noticed I'm having some "issues" with neuropthy. When I was on the chemo I did read where it was a possibility and I did notice it alot with my 2nd chemo cocktail. I had a lot of tingling in my hands and feet. It would come ago at other times but I'm noticing it again. I notice it now when I sleep... If I roll or sleep on my side (not supposed to sleep on my left side but that's hard to control when you're asleep) my hand will become really tingly. It doesn't hurt I just get that asleep feeling in it. I think I may have some lymphedema in my left side which comes and goes quite a bit. Right now my left side (underarm and upper arm) feel really tight so I wonder if that swelling may be helping it flair up so much.

I know that I could and should go see a neurologist but unless it gets MUCH worse I'm not even going to head down that path. I was just wondering if anyone else had this tingling that comes and goes. My chemo was 2 yrs ago... so I guess it must have destroyed some nerves in there. Ah, the gift of chemo... it just goes on and on.

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I still get that and I finished chemo a year ago....I think that's just something we're going to have to live with unless we want to go to the trouble of taking yet another medication. I know someone who is diabetic and his medication gave him neuropathy. He takes some medications to calm that down a little but by the looks of the way he walks, it doesn't really do a lot of good.

I'm just getting used to it....


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Some how I don't think you would be starting symtoms now from chemo that you had 2 yrs ago. I got neuropathy when I had chemo , they stopped it, and I was told as time went on it would get better , not worse. I would investigate another possible cause.

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