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Karen-posting from the hospital

Remembering Dave

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Hi, all, this is Karen, brought Dave's laptop to the hospital and we plugged it in the phone cord and off we go into the internet!

He'd doing awesome. In fact, he is his old curmudgeen (sp?) self. took one look at his hospital dinner, unplugged everything, picked up his nice pleasant fluid pump and off to the hospital cafeteria we went. On Monday he told me we should go out to dinner since his chemo was cancelled this week (low plateletts) so the hospital cafeteria is our dinner out! He's been up walking around the halls near his room today, he is quite remarkable pulling himself out of this.

His parents have brought Faith up a few times, she makes herself right at home, walking the halls, she stops in patient's doorway and blows kisses. I can't tell you how cute she has been! all of this is just normal stuff to her now.

Dave will probably go home on Sunday.

Faith's school had a thanksgiving luncheon today and they sang some songs. I think my favorite was the squirrel song, where they got on their hands and knees and wagged their little butts to mimick the squirrel's busy tails. Sure wish Dave could have been there!

thanks for your all of your good thoughts and prayers, appreciated more than we can say!

God Bless to everyone,


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And the cafeteria food was better?????

Glad the grinch is back to normal. Glad Faith takes it in stride, that must make it easier for you.

I prefer the 'Catch the Squirrel Before He Eats All Your Bird Seed' song myself. Just kidding.

Sleep well Karen. Another emergency in your life has been taken care of with good results.


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I would call for a "redo" of the night out to dinner as soon as David feels a little better. Hospital food is bad no matter where it is served. So glad to hear that David is up roaming the halls etc. Tell him we expect a message when he gets home. How is his pain level now? Faith is a little doll. Heck, I wish I could have seen the squirel song myself. :)

Try to take care of yourself.


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David, I'd hug you through cyberspace, but I don't want to hit any of those tubes by mistake. :P I'm sure it's not exactly a piece of cake, but I'm so glad to know you're doing this good!

Karen, thanks for the update, and for keeping the old curmudgeon in line -- or trying, at least! (He did turn 40 this year, y'all.) :wink:

Both of you, blow Faith some kisses from Aunt Becky! I hope you've got that squirrel thing on tape. :lol:



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