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Vinorelbine as second-line chemo for my sis

dani hobbs

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Well, my sister had her central line installed & what a trip into h---that was! The surgeon (?) kinked the line, sewed up her chest, & while she was in recovery an xray was taken which discovered this. So...back to surgery to open her up & fix the mess! (Like they couldn't have done the xray in the OR, before suturing her???) She almost said "screw it!" right there. Yesterday, she had her first infusion of vinorelbine (trade name Navelbine). Has anyone had any experience with this drug? I know it is a mitotic spindle inhibitor. At least with the port it's much quicker, a matter of minutes instead of drip, drip, drip for 45 minutes or more. Her oncologist had at first considered Topotecan. By the way, I found a good article in the medical journal Chest which discusses the more recently used chemo tx for sclc. The link is:

http://www.chestjournal.org/cgi/content ... code=chest

I hope I did that right--I'm no computer whiz. Anyway, that link is to an abstract, then you can click on the entire article in PDF format.

It will be one year on Thanksgiving that my sister learned she was sick. The family was having dinner at her son's house when she had an episode of atrial fibrillation that wouldn't resolve. A trip to the local ER revealed in the routine chest xray that she had several lung tumors, one the size of a baseball. My sis is going back to her son's this Thanksgiving. She's says she has no idea what she can do for an encore this year! Anyway, other than the side effects she experienced from her previous chemo she feels the same, except for a 40 lb. weight loss. She says it's been quicker than Atkins or South Beach, but she doesn't recommend the Cancer Diet to anyone! (we have very bent senses of humor---but it keeps us going.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. :)

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Glad to hear things are moving along for your sister. Lucie has a port because her veins are so small and hidden. It is definitely easier on the patient. Lucie is also taking Nevelbine and it is done in less than an hour. She goes once a week for two weeks, and then is off a week. That is one cycle. She has completed 6 cycles now, and we think it is working for her. Best to you. Don

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