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Bronchoalveolar diffuse lung cancer -treatments,experiences?

gail p-m

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My 79 year old father has had a recurrence of BAC lung cancer. Surgery was tried but it was diffuse so they closed him up. He just began chemo -- Carbo/Taxol. I've read what little I can find on BAC and they say when it's diffuse, the prognosis is poor. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with Stage IV BAC (it has metasticised to the bones) and if they have any insights as to treatments... Thanks.


Aug. 2000 - lobectomy -- Stage I

April 2003 - recurrance - Stage IV - mets to bones (BAC)- Carbo/Taxol begun

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Dear Gail,

There are clinical trials going on for those who have BAC using the new epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor, Tarceva, along with Herceptin. BAC is such a strange disease. I think that the trials are being held by the South West Oncology Group. Check at UC Davis in Sacramento, California. I strongly suggest that anyone who has a diagnosis of BAC or Adenocarcinoma with BAC features seeks the services of an oncologist who specializes in Lung Cancer with an emphasis on Bronchioloalveolar Carcinoma. Dr. David Gandara at UC Davis has a special interest in BAC, and they see hundreds of BACers each year, many of whom travel great distances to consult with them. Another treatment that is showing promise for those who have BAC is Iressa. BAC patients have some of the highest response rates to Iressa according to articles in PubMed.

Best Wishes,

Fay A.

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