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Neupogen /Gabapentin Question, Dr. Joe if you can reply....


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Hi All:

Have not been on the board for quite a while, hope everyone is doing well, will be checking and reading posts for a bit. My Mom is okay....but not as well as she could be. This past little while has been stressful and I have become complete caregiver to my Mom right now. I had her move in with me thus, the reason why I have not been on the board.

She has had her chemo delayed again which is getting completely discouraging to her to say the least. Her WBC nad Neutrphils are fine, just her platelets have bottomed out now.

Anyway to make a long story short and get to the question, what experiences have you had with Neupogen shots? They have been causing my Mother extreme bone pain. Is this normal? Also, they prescribed her Gabapentin to alleviate the pain, which does work, but has a tendancy to wear off too fast. I was wondering what the dosage ranges are for this med. and can she be safely increased? Right now thay have her on 300 mg. every 12 hours which doesn't touch the pain except for a few hours after taking it.

Any thoughts, ideas, opinions would be greatly appreciated....thanks guys, you are the best!!

Prayers for all,


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Not sure if this is much help...but ASK your mom's onc if perhaps Neulasta would work for her...rather than Neupogen. My understanding is that Neulasta need only be given as little as once per chemo cycle....where Neupogen is given daily or much more frequently anyway.

I think both can still cause long bone pain....and apparently those people who are good bone marrow producers in general might be more apt to notice the pain, as these drugs boost natural production.

I was given Neulasta each chemo cycle from #2 thru #6. I never noticed any bone pain...altho I was told I might.

I cannot offer you any advice re: the pain meds...but if I were you I'd sure be asking if there was something else that might work better.

I'm sorry your mom is having such a hard time of it and will keep her in my thoughts. But at the very least, I'd find a sympathetic nurse in her clinic and pick her brain a bit, too. Maybe she'll offer a suggestion or two that will be helpful!

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I cant really help much, and thought maybe you should ask this question in the ask an expert forum.

I didn't know that gabepentin worked for bone pain. I thought it was mostly for nerve pain--but maybe the bone marrow pain IS a nerve pain--I dont know.

I do know that I have bone pain AND nerve pain and the gabepentin only works for my nerve pain.

One note: since I have been on it, this last month or so, I have already had to have the dose increased twice. 600 mg is not a high dose, so there is more she could take IF that is the pain med that is appropriate.

I am sorry to hear that your mom is in pain and I wish you all well.


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Bone pain with Neupogen is variable, some people get it and some don't. For those who do, it can be a real problem. Neurontin can be effective for bone pain, doseages vary, I have had patients on as much as 4800mg per day (1200mg every 6 hrs).

Be careful about Neulasta, it is a form of Neupogen that stays in your body for up to 3 weeks. Once it's in it is in for the duration and I have had some patients with extreme problems with bone pain with it (in spite of the claims of the manufacturer).

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I have extreme bone pain from Neupogen. Forget Neulasta if you get bone pain, this will be worse. I gave myself Neupogen shots at home and decreased my dose to a dose that kept my wbc up and almost eliminated my bone pain. Actually, I was able to cut my doses in 1/2 and alternate to evey other day and kept it up.

Neulasta does nothing for platelets.

Sorry for she has this crappy side effect.


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