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A Quarter of a Century (off topic)


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I just came across this post and I want to congratulate you and thank you. You really gave yourself a wonderful gift 25 years ago and I thank you for the inspirational post. Your words do mean a lot to people because it is obvious they come from your heart. Keep up the good fight and thank you for giving the best of yourself to others.

God Bless,


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The decision you made 25 years ago not only gave you a new life but gave each and every one of us a mentor. You have always been someone I have looked up to for your convictions, your wisdom, your strength and your honesty. To think of how your words have helped so many, I can only imagine what knowing you in person might have been like. I thank God everyday for the people I meet and the people that make a difference and YOU Clean Dean have made a difference in everyones lives you have touched in one way or another.

God Bless You Dean,


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