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Clinical Drug trial - R115777 - Zarnestra


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Hi, my name is Liz and I have been reading threads on this site for a few months now. I am so happy to have found this site. I've learned so much and I love reading the inspirational stories, they give me lots of hope.

My mom was dx with NSCLC stage IIIB, inoperable.

She has completed 3 rounds of chemo and now her doctor wants her to join a clinical drug trial for a drug R115777 (Zarnestra). This is an oral medication (similar to Iressa) that is supposed to help her with side effects from radiation. It is identified as a farnesyl transferase inhibitor (FTI). Previously, this drug has been used to treat pancreatic cancer with some success. I'm still surfing the web to find out as much as I can. Has anyone heard of this drug?

My mom is so wonderful and I love her so much. I'm hoping for a miracle.

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Hi Liz...

Welcome. I have not heard of that one yet, but I just wanted to say hello and now that you have gotten your feet wet a little, you might want to repeat this post under ask the experts too ...they are so good.

I am amazed at the well informed audience and participants on this board. I used to think that I was pretty smart....

I am two years out...looks like maybe the same disease as your Mom. There is hope. I continue to have hope for myself and for all of us.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Liz,I am not aware of that trial either,but like the others did want to welcome you.You will find lots of knowing and caring people here,and just about anything that comes up there is someone who's been down that road.As you have or will notice there are many survivors here.Keep us posted and hang in there.

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