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Another cat is in cat heaven


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We lost our 8 year old solid gray cat yesterday. He had to be put down after coming homing Friday night with a dislocated hip. Now, our cat total was three, and he was our "problem child", doing things all over the house . . .

However, we have a kid in college who made us promise to take care of him, so, off to the emergency vet we went . $500 later, they told us the hip could not be popped back and that his kidney functions were off. They kept him for 3 nights, pushing fluids, but the kidneys continued to shut down. So he was eased into that big cat heaven in the sky. :cry::cry: Darn animals anyway. In our 21 years of marriage, and 6 cats, we have only had to make this decision twice.

I tried telling myself my cat heaven story that I tell my kids, but it didn't seem to work.

Oh a better note, college kid comes home tonight!!! :D

Have a good thanksgiving


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Gail---so sorry for the loss of your cat---but you did all you could---

I have had many pets and it is so heartbreaking to make that decision to put them to sleep ---


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Dear Gail--

I am so sorry to read your post.

I am the caretaker of my little sister's/mother's 17 year old cat--whom I love tremendously--I live in true fear of having to make that call.

I sincerely hope that having your family back for the holidays will make this easier for you.


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