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I'm back


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I requested a hall pass back on Nov 3rd, well that lasted long! I was right back on the next day! Still pretty emotional and having alot of trouble reading the posts, trying to be selective so I don't get too upset.

Read about Lisa and Ahmed, that really made me mad! Hope it works out for them, they deserve it and ..........Lisa is a better woman then me, I would have lost it with the in-laws!

I had the MRI of my chest (boobs) today....don't know if any of you ladies have had this done before, boy was that fun! Had to put "the boys" in these little "impressions", lay on your stomach (which is hard to do when you have had a lobectomy) and put your arms over your head.....for one hour!!!!! Of course "the boys" were too big and they had to cram them in, go figure, took two of them to do it, guess I should be kinda proud of that! I could barely move when all was said and done. My Mother went with me and held my hand since I don't like small spaces. I did pretty good, no crying this time, maybe I'm getting tougher through all this....yeah right, it was a lucky day!

Just thought I would post and tell everyone about my day, maybe someone will smile about it, I thought it was kinda funny! :shock:

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