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CPT-11/Camptosar Anyone know how this stuff feels/side effec


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I had Comptasar as an added boost to the regular limited sclc protocol. I believe it is why I am still in remission after being diagnosed nearly 3 years ago. The Comptasar made me very sick and I had to have my husband hook me up to saline IVs to keep me hydrated. The doctor actually reduced the dosage at one point. But, it was worth it.

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I had the Comptosar and taxol after I finished the PCI which was after I finished the Carbo/VP-16 with simultaneous radiation protocol. It's funny. I went to Sloan Kettering and they concurred with Carbo/VP-16 with simultaneous radiation followed by PCI as the protocol. However, they never mentioned Comptosar. I stumbled upon an onc who used it as the last part of a 10-month treatment plan quite by accident. I love my onc. He warned me about being sick with the Comptosar and the onc. nurse gave me special instructions for using imodium AD right when I started the Compotosar/Taxol cocktail. I learned to follow those instructions to a T. I don't remember them now nor do I remember any of my dosages. Sorry. Once I was done I forgot everything like a bad dream.

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