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Ry. I ain't goin' nowhere....but....

cindi o'h

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May I please have the much coveted wishbone pass?

Unless you have other ideas for it...I would like it, please. It has always been my favorite.

I can't tell you my wish...or it will not come true. I will say, though, that it is a good one. :wink:

If someone wants to pull me for it, I will share. But only with another really big dreamer. May the best wish win! 8)

I don't know about who you should give the breast pass to. I am torn between Elaine's Bruce and Justakid.

She needs a 22 # double breasted :shock: TOM Turkey Pass....but, hey! she will just return it tomorrow. What a waste. Maybe Bruce. Dang steroids. Can't make up my mind. Ry. You know what's best...

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Hi Ry, thanks for the pass.

I cannot even begin to describe how magical my Thanksgiving Day was... I am thinking it was all due to the pass and the wishbone. You know how you think you know what you need...and then someone more bigger and powerful steps in and gives you what you want instead? And I didn't even know that I wanted it....It was an indescribable day. Thank you so much for the wishbone. It was a day that I shall never forget.

Cindi o'h

I would like to put it on reserve again for next year.

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