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if you could pray for my father


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Some of you probably read my other post regarding my father's platelet count which has made him be denied three times for treatment. I was hoping if you could remember him in your prayers that he can get this chemo in him to kill those cancer cells and be ready for surgery. His name is Matthew. Thank you so much. Know that your intentions are in my prayers as well.

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Dearest Linda, and Dad Mathew,

Linda, you and dad are ALWAYS in my prayers. Everyone on this Board is in my prayers. But, I would like for you to share with Dad Mathew that he has lots of friends he has never met in his corner, cheering him on to beat this cancer crud.

Stay Strong Linda, and you know we are here for you!

Warm and Gentle Hugs, and Lots of Prayers,

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Matthew, our friend, and Linda's dad, needs your urgent help today. Please god, please hear us. We need you to make him strong. We beg you to make him well. You are the all mighty healer and we are pleading with you to do just that with him today. Look over him and make him feel better. Give him strength and courage.

Give us all your healing hands today dear lord. please we are in desperate need of your helping miracles. Please come to us now and help us all. Heal all of us. Please grant us our miracles.

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i second, third, and fourth, etc...what everybody else says.

Please GOD let Matthews count be up today so he may receive his treatment. I pray these things through your son Jesus...AMEN!!

I will continue to pray too.

God bless you.

Rana :wink:

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Don't know if this is too late, but my prayers are going out for Mathew today. May God grant him the strength and health to recieve healing treatment. I pray that Mathew will tolerate the treatment well, but that his cancer cells do not.

God Bless you both


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