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Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks

Donna G

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'Give Thanks ...'

Take time to have no other occupation than to give thanks.

To You, who bring humor, like a corner of a rainbow into blocked conversations and the confrontation born of hatred, to you: Thank You!

To You, who lead us into dialogue and who use any means to point us towards openness of spirit;

To You, who make us understand that the truth is not a possession, that it is always something ahead of us, and something we should seek together;

To You, who teach us that listening to each other in mutual respect is the starting point for any meeting, to you: Thank You!

To You, who ask for our solidarity, who disturb the ordered comfort of our existence;

To You, who, tirelessly, appeal to our human brotherhood and prevent us from becoming bogged down in the selfishness which denotes return to brute nature; to you who give us our daily share of tenderness without which it is impossible to keep going, to you who offer us your daily presence without which the day would be dark indeed, to you: Thank You!

To You, who heal the sadness which often overtakes us when we suffer failure yet again, to you who back us in our desire to create, with others, pathways for the future, despite the weariness and discouragement which undermine our hope, to you: Thank You!

To You, who watch over the integrity of our earth and the purity of its springs, to you who invent images full of beauty, to you who play music capable of lifting us up, to you who write words inspired by the Spirit, to you: Thank You!

To you, who care for the body and therefore the spirit as well, to you who use the resources of your intelligence to invent ways of keeping at bay the suffering which wears us down; to you who give relief to the inner fears that weigh us down, to you whose compassionate attention is a more powerful remedy than any medicine, to you: Thank You!

To You, who show us the Gospel as News to make us glad, like a word that sets us back on the road, like a stream which, each day, affords new opportunity to drink, to you: Thank You!

To You, who, in one way or another, help us to stand upright with dignity, to you who help us to live;

To You, from our entire being: Thank You!

Free time.


Time Off.


More than other times these free us from everyday constraints: exhausting schedules, the rhythm of work and family, deadlines to be met ...

We then see what remained hidden under the thick layers of worry. An absolute necessity is revealed - to find again the attitudes and behavior which enable existence to keep its meaning and its wonder.

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