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Dr. Kim

cindi o'h

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dear friends.

Amazing. Simply. I am still on the prednisone for asthma (too many Timmy kisses from my 18 year old cat and some radiation 'itis). So I am still running my mind a mile a minute as a side effect of this wonderful/hateful drug.

Yesterday, I decided to go down to visit Dr. Kim. He was my radiation oncologist. Tiny little, fit and handsome man all the way from Korea. A beautiful smile completed by a competent esthetic dentist. (My RDH is showing....)

When I left Dr. Kim nearly two years ago, he gave me his canned speech. "I have truly enjoyed having you for a patient. I will miss seeing you around here. Please remember to come back for a visit. I don't want to ever treat you again, but I will if I have to. Come by and say hello. I will be looking forward to seeing you. Now. May I please have a hug?"

So, I went back last year and got my hug from my brilliant doctor.

And again, this year, maybe because of the prednisone, I felt compelled to go in to tell him thank you for helping to save my life. I called down in the morning to see if he was there. I went in the afternoon after the patients had been cleared for the day. I walked to the back where the gaggle of onc. nurses were. I got hugs all around. Yes. They all remembered me and were loving me up. Then someone went to get Dr. Kim. He came bounding around the corner with his arms wide open. A beautiful cheek to cheek greeting. And we caught up on my life and his. All in all I got three hugs from him. He signed my graduation diploma that I brought with me. He wrote that I was his favorite patient. He said that he was so happy that I came. That he doesn't get to see many people who have had such good results as I. He was physically excited. His eyes and feet were dancing. I went down to thank him for his brilliance, for his tireless work and I am the one who came out of there on cloud nine. I wish everyone had my Dr. Kim. He is a genius and a con man. He got me through every last treatment and every last 3rd degree burn and made sure that I got my wounds taken care of and scolded me when he thought I was losing weight.

I am so grateful for him and for all of the good people who helped me so that I can live....just a little longer.

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We also have a wonderful radiation oncologist that sounds a lot like your Dr. Kim. We are just crazy about him. The first time we met him was a

horrible, frightening time., We were worked into his day only a few hours from having the biopsy. We left the hospital and drove across town to his office. Because John had vena cava syndrome he had to be radiated as quickly as possible.

He was so nice, looked at his films, explained what they would do. I was still in my crying mode at that time and the entire time he talked I cried and pulled tissues from the box on the table. He just kept going. At one point John had to step out and I tried to get it together and make normal conversation. So I said, "Where are you from in Korea?" He looked at me dumbfounded and asked how I knew he was Korean. I explained that he had the same first name as our son that we adopted from Korea. I knew he was lucky for us as soon as I saw his name on his coat.

John sees him every 6 months and he is always so happy to see us.

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