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hi every1


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Hi Tariq and WELCOME!

I'm so glad to see you posting here. I was the one that was on the phone with your mom for an hour last week when you were trying to talk to her. LOL! Sorry about that, but I really enjoyed our talk.

You mom sure says wonderful things about you and that you are coping well and being very strong with all the problems your family has had. I know that she is also very thankful to have you by her side. Between the three of you, and God, you will get through this most difficult time.

Let us know how we can help in any way. This is the place where you can talk about all your true feelings and let it all out. Most of us have probably felt the same fears and had the same thoughts, so don't be afraid to jump right in. Just please remember that there is ALWAYS hope!

Hope to hear from you again soon.



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Hi Tariq

So glad you have come. I hope you will come often and share, and experience the support and love that is so freely givenon this site. Your Moms love for you shines thru on her posts when she speaks of you. She is very proud, Again WELCOME!! and thanks for stopping in.


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Hi Tariq,

So glad you decided to join us. We feel like we know you already. Hope you will come often and share with us in supporting one another. My husband has cancer and I have 2 sons at home that are probably going through a lot of the same thoughts and fears that you are. By coming here, hopefully , you can help yourself and others. Hope to hear from you often.

God Bless,


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Dear Tariq,

I'm so glad that you have joined us; we're glad to finally meet you and look forward to hearing from you.

I have two boys that are 10 and 14 years old, so I may just have to check in with you to see if some things that Santa is thinking about leaving under the tree for them are "cool" or "phat" or whatever you guys call it these days!

Anyway, I have heard some wonderful things about you from your mother and I think that you have a great family. I hope that your Dad is feeling better and you were able to have a nice Thanksgiving.


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Hi Tariq!

Hope you don't mind too much hanging around a bunch of "old" folks!!!

It would be amazing if you would be able to get the attention of any of the other young men and women who are affected by this disease in their families and friends.

Hope you guys had a peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving. Glad to see you post......dude(?)


Cindi o'h

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Welcome to our little family. Your mom has told us much about you and how proud she is to have you by her side. This is a place you can share your thoughts and fears and even share a laugh or two. I hope your dad does better very soon and that your holiday was nice with your family.


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Welcome to our site. Please know you can always come here for support and that many people here are praying for your Dad, Mom, and you.

I also have 2 sons - a 20 year old (studing predental) and a just-turned 16 year old (his birthday is today).

I'm glad you decided to sign on.

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