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Pneumonia / update 12/1 Home tomorrow


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Day three: much improved. He's been on IVs, antibiotics, and steroids since Sunday. He had a thoracentesis? on Monday, they took out a liter of fluid. He is amazingly better by today. Yesterday he could barely walk to the bathroom. Today we took a long hall walk. I do believe he is on the mend. He isn't ready to come home just yet but I am so very thankful and so is he.

They are examining the fluid, also he will have an xray tomorrow to see how the pneumonia is doing and check on the cancer. Then - there may be more tests.

(Here at home the dog ran off but he came back, same dog has a bite?? or something on his neck, I don't know where that came from, etc. We miss "Dad" a lot.)

Don, they did stop the Iressa temporarily, just in case. His rash is rapidly disappearing, too.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement.

Hopefully the next post will be that Jim is back home.


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Yes, he is much better and probably will be released tomorrow.

The pneumonia is clearing up but the pleural effusion tested malignant and the cancer is growing in his lungs and lymph nodes. The Iressa didn't work for him. He will be on antibiotics for 10 more days, then a CT, then a new drug, possibly a clinical trial, possibly Carbo/Taxol. So it is back to the drawing board.

Thanks for hanging with me through this long week. We are okay for now. Catch ya on the flip-flop. Margaret

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Hi Margaret.

Sorry to hear about the malignant effusion. Back to the drawing board or that black bag. I am hoping that this pneumonia gets cleared up quickly so that he can start on chemo right away too...

I didn't understand your comment about the dog running away and then came back with a bite? Those dang country dogs and the mischief that they can find. I hope that if I understand you right

that the bite is not a bad one and maybe it's from barbed wire or something. Anyway... something else to worry about to take your mind off your worries, right?

Love and prayers, Margaret.

Cindi o'h


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