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Worried - Describe your chest pains


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About six months ago I started getting pains all over my chest, under armpits, rubs, shoulder blades etc. They weren’t bad but bad enough to go see the doctor for a check. I had my blood tests and x-ray and both came back negative.

I have read that pains caused by LC are constant. But define constant.

My pains have been in different areas of my chest and would sort of change places a couple of times a day, sometimes aren’t even there.

Recently in the last couple of weeks the chest pains have gotten much worse and I have started coughing up a lot of fleem, sometimes coughing would hurt.

My primary question is directed towards those who have had or has LC.

Can you please describe the pain for me when you first started to feel the chest pains?

I have searched the internet for answers but am yet to find a specific answer.

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Intermittently I have had discomfort or a weird feeling right in the middle of my chest I believe that signifies the problems in my bronchial area, but no real pain. It sounds as if you are describing real pain and your description sounds symmetrical, talking in plural of the chest area.

I had a bone met in my left humerous and I had pain radiate all around my left shoulder/back/underarm down my forearm and into my hand, though none to the chest. As for describing constant. Unrelenting misery and extremely pronounce at rest. I.e. constant. I have no idea if that pain was helped created by the tumor in the right lung but.

As for phlegm until recently I coughed up constantly but never considered it a problem and my onc has never commented on it.

You stated you had a chest x ray, although indicative, chest X rays are woefully inaccurate and the internet for self diagnosis, though helpful, shouldn’t be relied on.

Hope it turns out well


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