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My Aunt Passed Away

Fay A.

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Oh, Fay, this is very sad. I don't have any aunts that I'm close with, but I am an aunt myself and have two nieces, a great niece and great nephew that I am very, very close to. I know they love me to pieces and would be very sad if something ever happened to me.

The two nieces in particular would take it hard. I baby sat both of them a lot when they were little, and we always get together quite a bit during the year, except for the one that lives in Michigan (usually just twice a year).

Anyway, when I think about them and how they would feel, I can understand how difficult this is for you, and I am so sorry.



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I want to thank you all for your kindness. She was such a good hearted person. To everyone.

From that generation I have a single Uncle living, and he has always been my favorite. We're trying to hold each other up, but he can't forget that I have the same disease that took his first wife (my Mom's sister), and all of his brothers in law and sister in law. He's pretty sad that he is the last of the family in that generation...and he worries that he will survive me. I'm just very sad right now.

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your aunt. I will keep you and your uncle in my prayers especially throughout this holiday season.

This world is lessened by her absence.

Such a profound yet simple way to sum things up. If we believe we are here for each other, to do good things in our lives for others, surely the world will miss us when we depart this earthly plain. Sounds as though your aunt was someone who lived her life in a way that left a positive ripple effect wherever she went.

I have a feeling you are very much like her.

Hang in there,


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