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Lung Cancer Interviews (advanced NSCLC) - Receive $700


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I also posted this under GENERAL, since this is not really a trial...I did get a call back a few minutes ago and told them I posted their inquiry here and told them to come to this site to find other candidates that may qualify for their research and $...Some time ago I signed up a the NexCura LC profiler. I received this email today. It says below that they are seeking "advanced stage" participants. If anyone here is interested, there is a toll-free number and email below to get more information. I hope everyone that is eligible will collect the $700 if they want to participate. Here is the email, as received:

At some point in the past you used the NexProfiler Treatment Option Tool for Lung Cancer. At the time you registered for this treatment decision tool, you indicated that you would be interested in being contacted by NexCura, which operates the NexProfiler Tool for Cancer, for opportunities to participate in market research.

We recognize that dealing with lung cancer can be a difficult experience and that you may not want to participate in market research. If that is the case, please delete this e-mail.

We are writing to let you know that a research group is conducting in-person interviews with lung cancer patients. The research group is offering $700 to each patient that is willing to participate in a lung cancer interview project.

This project entails:

An initial 3-hour interview in your own home

A daily 20-30 minute diary entry for one week

A follow-up 20-minutes phone interview

After the initial 3-hour at-home interview, you would receive $200. After completion of the entire week-long project, you would receive the remainder of the $700.

In order to participate in this interview you must meet all these criteria:

You must be have been diagnosed with advanced stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

You must be have been treated for your cancer during the past year.

Participation in these research interviews is limited and there are additional criteria needed to participate. In order to see if you qualify, you may contact NexCura at 1-877-963-9287 ext.131 or by email by simply replying to this email. Please provide us with a number where you may be reached during the day and the best time to call. If you wish to share this opportunity with others who may be eligible in your area, please have them contact NexCura by email or at the toll free number provided.

Questions about this research?

You may contact us at:

E-mail: interviews@education.nexcura.com


NexCura Patient Information Services

If you wish to review NexCura's Privacy Statement, visit:


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