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Nina ... along with all the rest of the gang, I wish you the happiest of birthday. It sounds like a great party and what fun to be in the middle of it all. YOu must have felt like the bell of the ball to be surrounded and honored by so much love.

You are just a darling and an inspiration to me. I hope to hedouble l that i get to be sixty... I like Don's response...you are just a kid....leave it to Don Wood.

love, cindi o'h

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Happy birthday and congratulations on achieving a new decade of life. What a fabulous celebration you had, too. You deserve it. I am 55 and I know what you mean. Inside my head I am just like always, maybe not quite so risk-taking, ha. But the body sure does look and feel different than it used to. Anyway, I just wanted to join in on the celebration. I am so happy for you.


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A belated Happy 60th from me, too! My grandmother never said she was __ years old; she always said she was "going on __" (the next birthday)! So you are now "going on 61" and going strong! Congratulations! So glad you got to celebrate this milestone birthday in such a nice way, too. Like Ry said, invite us all next year! :wink:


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