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I normally don't go into the newcomers forum.. but today I decided to look around and I came across an entry from Cbysea1. It was began last year at this time when she was diagnosed with SCLC and an entry was made today, that's what brought it up to the top again... I read her initial question and went on to read from those who responded to her. The responses were so full of encouragement etc. Some of the faces are of our friends that have left us like BartZiggy, MOSugar, and on... it was so nice to see those faces again and to "hear" their words of wisdom. For years I talked with Ada and I miss her so. I have all her e-mails in a file and I go back and read them when I start getting worried about things etc.

I was feeling lonely today but like always you guys made me feel so much better.........

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Such true words and sentiments! I, too, really miss our beloved and compassionate friends that have left us in all too untimely a manner. Ada was especially cherished...such wise, unassuming, generous counsel. I still reflect on her and her thoughts often. Thanks for the post.

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