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Mom update--Tarceva


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Well my mom was on Iresssa for maintence of remission, but had to stop per doctor orders due to "explosive" bathroom issues. The onc said he would try Tarceva once it was FDA approved. Well that time has come, so she will be starting Tarceva as soon as we locate a pharmacy that can get it and see if insurance covers it.

Anyone on Tarceva? If so, how are you doing on it? I am not too optomistic b/c I heard that Tarceva and Iressa are like Coke and Pepsi, not much difference, so if Iressa side effects were intolerable for her, Tarceva is likely to be also. But you never know :)

Sending hugs kisses and cancer cure wishes to ya'll!

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Ah, but Andrea, although Coke and Pepsi are BOTH colas, there are those who are true to one or the other (but NEVER both).

Sure hope your mom tolerates AND it works!

Take care, girl. Try not to worry so much, you'll end up with ulcers!


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I am currently on Iressa but prior to that I was on Tarceva as part of a clincial trial. Everyone will tolerate these drugs differently. My experience was that the rash was far worse on Tarceva to the point the doctor prescribed an ance medicine. I have found that the longer that I am on the drugs that my intestinal (sp?) track has increasing amount of issues, however, nothing compared to your mother's experience. Tarceva made my straight hair very curly and there were times that my scalp just hurt as it also changed my natural part. I do not know if Iressa would have the same impact. All I can tell you is that Iressa did not undo it.

I wish your mom the best of luck with the pill.

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