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12/1/04 GETTING SMALLER CLUB (don’t even try to hide Ry)


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Well, good morning all you fatties out there. How’s your pumpkin pie lookin’ now since it’s sittin’ on your fat thighs? Huh? Huh? Huh? (Oops! I’m supposed to be nice and positive about this, huh?)

Ok (clearing my throat). Hello, all you beautiful Getting Smaller Club members. I’m sure you are just bubbling over with enthusiasm and even got up early this morning so you could RUSH to your computer and report your weight losses! I just know that everyone ate low-fat turkey, plain green beans and raw carrots for your Thanksgiving dinners. I just can’t wait to hear the excuses, er, I mean, stories of success.

Here’s my success story: I lost 2 more lbs. Nanny nanny boo boo, RY! (muahahaha)

That brings my grand total to 22 lbs. lost. Now, if the rest of you don’t fess up, I SWEAR I really will call out names this time!

READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t joined us so far, please do so.

Here are the links to the previous GETTING SMALLER CLUB threads:

8/21/2004 Discussion:


9/1/04 Getting Started Getting SMALLER:








P.S. At least try to MAINTAIN in December. OK? Ok!

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Peggy (and Lisa)-

You brought a much need smile to my face this morning. I am going to join today so not reporting any weight loss but I did go and reactivate my membership at the gym yesterday so my wallet lost a couple of pounds - can I count those :D ?

Hope to report good results next month or least not gaining - I am terrible at christmas!

Much Love,


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Taunt all you want. Yesterday evening my shrink told me not to worry about my weight, if I needed to eat right now as a stress reliever, then to eat. I can always lose weight later. I was surprised, because she is quite an advocate for living thin and exercise! She even told me to try to walk if I could, but she couldn't begin to imagine when I'd have time.

Sooo, while you getting thin club members are stressing yourself through weight loss, I'll be sitting fat and happy!

haha, that is, until I regret it . . . .



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Grrrrrr - Chocolate! It's staring at me everywhere I turn in this office. It is, of course, wrapped in pretty green, red and gold foil, or sitting in open boxes begging to be snatched up. So far today, I've had two bite-sized peanut butter cups. Hmmmm! I wonder if peanut butter cups are high in vitamins or fiber? LOL!

How can December be so wonderful and so awful all at the same time?


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Remember how nice Peggy used to be before she became the Diet Nazi? I am reporting that I must have lost at least one pound today Christmas shopping :P . I hurt so bad all over, there is no way I walked from 8:30 this morning until 6:00 and carried packages and didn't get at least something out of it.

So I report one pound since last meeting.

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Okay Peggy, stop bragging. I caused your weight loss because I took the mashed potato and gravy hall pass to keep the temptation away from you.

I am static at a 20 lb loss but am really going out to eat too too often to lose any more. Did just get home from Curves and did Christmas shopping all afternoon. But since I am so tired I am only have ice cream for dinner. Yum Yum.

If I make it through the holidays without gaining it will be my best Christmas present.

And, Karen, I absolutely agree with your doctor. Sometimes in life you gotta do what you gotta do so that you can just get through. So eat with no guilt and enjoy it.

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I have lost since diagnosed with the ole diabetes

I have been eating the nastiest foods ever.. Low Low Carbs, Low Low fat and low low sodium. Whats left? Those are my favorite food groups.

Since the diagnosis, I have lost 40 lbs over the last 2 1/2 months.. I guess this shows how bad those Big macs really are. Just changing my diet and no increased exercise and boom, 40+ pounds fell right off.

I treat myself to 1 peanut butter sandwich each evening and thats my highlight each day, as a matter of fact, I am eating it right now....

I have a whole new wardrobe, well not new but regained from the past. It feels good to put back on some of those old favorites that I used to love wearing....

I guess this was my wakeup call.

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Ry: That's Hile Peggy!!!! to you - thank you very much! And just to prove that I am still a nice person, CONGRATULATIONS! on losing that pound. Just picture a 1 lb. package of butter and that's how much smaller you are this month. Yay Ry!!!!

Rick: I had no idea you recently had a diabetes diagnosis. I'm sorry to hear that. That's a bummer.

I bet you are excited, though, to lose weight like that and get into your favorite clothes. I hope to be singing that tune some day, but I still have a long way to go. The first 1/2 of my life I was the skinniest girl you can imagine, and I mean I was little, like size 5's and small 7's. Ha! Even in my dreams I will never get there again, but all these extra pounds sure have slowly crept up on me over the last 25 years.

Now, as badly as I want to get rid of more weight, I don't think I'm ready to set a goal to lose 20 lbs. a month. Seriously, I really will be happy if I just lose 2 lbs. a month, or about 1/2 lb. a week. It will take me a long time to get to my goal this way, but I know it's the only way I will succeed.

LisaO: You and I are going to have to have a serious little talk about respecting your elders! For heavens sake! You almost hit me with that spit! Shame on you!

To the rest of you: Congratulations for your successes and especially for having the courage to post if you gained or didn't lose this month.

My food tip for this month is what I call a "Turkey Manhatten" and it's really good: Mashed potatoes (no butter, and made with 2% milk), one of the low-fat, low calorie deli turkey meats (I use Jennie-O that I get from Sam's), about 50-75 calories worth, cut into bite-size squares and covered with Heinz fat-free chicken gravy, salt and pepper to taste. With one cup of the mashed potatoes, the total calories are about 225. You can also sprinkle with butter buds that tastes just like butter and 0 calories.

Good luck to everybody!



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I was never a skinny person and always a football lineman body. I have wore a 48 or larger suit coat since High school, no matter how much I lost. So I'll just work with what I have... lol...

I think this diagnosis was a true wakeup call for me.. I feel 100% better since I have lost weight and started eating right.. I could have been Elvis's brother with the way I loved Hamburgers and Fried Chicken.. Its been over 2 months since I have eaten any fast food or sweets.. I sure do miss them especially through the holidays... Pecan Pie is my favorite!!

If I had not been diagnosed, I wouldnt have had the will power to do this without it... Thats weak but what can I say.. So all of you that are dieting I am rooting for you!!!

It is truely a hard thing to do.. I think that the ease of fast food and of course the taste is truely addicting...

I just want to say, it is the CARBS that you need to watch for the weight loss and you watch the fat for a healthy heart. I always watched the fat prior to learning how to manage the diet ..

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I refuse to answer on the grounds that my obgyn may kill me or stop treating me for my baby wish issue as I seemed to forget to lose weight recently.

The only comment I will make is that Ry--I love the new pic!!!

And Rick, awesome job on the weight loss! I know I am teetering on the edge of diabetes and gotta get with it too. Family history and all.

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Hi, my name is BeckyCW, and I'm hiding.


Seriously, I go up and down 2 pounds, and right now it's up.

Rick, WOW! That's a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time. Pretty incredible - congratulations on losing it and getting healthier.

Andrea, I've got a family history of diabetes, too, and keep thinking that should motivate me to lose this weight. So far it's not working real well.

With any luck (or hard work or dieting) I'll have a better report on Jan. 1st.


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Ry: LOVE the new picture, absolutely love it!

Rick: you go, boy! Geez, I would have never guessed you had a serious issue like diabetes. but you're right, need a scare sometimes to get motivated. I may actually try to scare myself after the holidays.

Peggy: you sound like me when I'm doing weight watchers, always coming up with creative ways to make something yummy that is guilt free. when I start back I may have to PM you on a regular basis for ideas!

well, back to the chocolate basket at work (after the shrink told me that, I bought three big bags of prettily wrapped Christmas chocolates at Target and brought them in the for the communcal chocolate basket. I told my coworkers what the shrink said and then told them "I'm going down, and I'm taking you all with me!"

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OK, so I wasn't so good -- but I wasn't so bad either. Put me in the stable column. Maybe THIS month I'll start going down again. Yeah, sure...December is just the month for that. But at least I didn't do too badly with Thanksgiving, even with all those desserts (pumpkin cheesecake with caramel topping, pecan pie, apple tart...on and on it goes).

Back to curves and good intentions....


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