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Possible chemo symptom?


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Hi there,

My dad started chemotherapy (Navelbine) last Tuesday. When he started it, they gave him ani-nausea pills to take every six hours so he took them. He wasn't feeling any side effects from chemo whatsoever and had four great days. He then found he was constipated and the anti-nausea pills were showing this to be a side effect. The consipation started giving him stomach cramps. So he got something for the constipation and stopped taking the anti-nausea pills. He then had diarrehea and the sharp stomach pains went away, but he still has a constant stomach ache that is bad enough that he can hardly get to sleep at night. He has been like this for almost 6 days now. Yesterday, he went in for his 2nd ejection of chemo and they did xrays and blood work and everything came back fine. Have any of you who are on chemotherapy experienced a constant stomach ache? If so, is there anything that helped? We have had a hard time convincing Dad to do chemo and I don't want anything to discourage him! Thanks so much.


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Hi, Sherri! My wife is on navelbine and it tends to constipate her. She takes Chrystallose (lactulose) and a stool sofener, which is the combination that helps her. Initally, she had constant stomach pain, so she went on Nexium for a while, and that helped. She also chews a few Gaviscon antacid tablets when she needs -- also GaxEx. Best to you. Don

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Thank you for the replies. Don, after reading your message this morning, I called home to tell Dad about what you had written. Well, my mom had to take Dad to the hospital in the night because he couldn't bear the pain and lack of sleep any longer. So they are keeping him in the hospital and doing tests such as an extensive ultrasound. I hope they can help Dad feel better. I'm so worried he is going to stop taking chemo because of this. The ups and downs of cancer is just unbelievable...three days after Dad had started chemo he played pool with some friends at the pool hall for 5 hours feeling better than he had felt in a month...we were all SO happy...and now he's in the hospital feeling terrible! :(

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